On May 24, 2024 at 11 p.m., the force supply vessel (BRF) Jacques Chevallier , carried out its 100th replenishment at sea (RAM) with the air defense frigate (FDA) Chevalier Paul , since its launch. Already in the spring of 2023, it was the Chevalier Paul which welcomed the Jacques Chevallier for its first RAM in the Mediterranean.

Some numbers:

  • 21 RAM during its long-term deployment (DLD);
  • 41 RAM during the Akila mission with the carrier strike group;
  • 11,164 m3 of F76 and 3531 m3 of F44 delivered;
  • 244 pallets transferred;
  • 20 types of supplied ships including 4 different aircraft carriers and 4 helicopter carriers;
  • 10 nations supplied.

This feat is part of the history of the BRF Jacques Chevallier , the first line of which was written in May 2021 at the Saint-Nazaire shipyards. It proves the tenacity of sailors for whom these maneuvers require real cohesion between the different positions: RAM areas, Cargo PC and bridge. Such a figure represents the expertise and fluidity acquired little by little by the teams.

To meet the needs of our escorts and our strategic partners, the RAMs can be linked together: five in a day, covering wide working hours day and night, in single, double or three simultaneous shifts. Improvement is continuous to achieve an ever more operational pace. RAM in complete radio silence, RAM under ASW or air threat….

This 100th RAM is thus dedicated to the head of the Flotteur department who celebrated his birthday on May 24 and to the chief petty officer Sabri, for his last maneuver aboard Chevalier Paul.

The force supply vessel (BRF) is a key and strategic unit in supporting the fleet because it allows vessels to stay far and for a long time at sea: transfer of fuel, food, spare parts and ammunition in conflict zones. high intensity. Its main mission is to support the carrier group and is equipped with robust self-defense systems which guarantee its operational autonomy.