The South Korean Navy is conducting large-scale joint maritime maneuver training in the waters west of Taean starting October 24 as part of the 2023 defense training.

This training was planned to improve the ability to carry out joint and joint operations in preparation for enemy provocations and to solidify military preparedness.

In the exercise, the South Korean Navy will use about 30 ships including the Aegis warship Yulgok Ii (DDG), P-3 maritime patrol aircraft, and AW-159 maritime operation helicopters; the Army will use coastal security forces; the Air Force will use FA-50s, F-4Es, etc. In the combat mission, Coast Guard ships participated. The United States participated with Navy P-8 maritime patrol aircraft and Army Apache helicopters.

The ROK-US participating forces are engaged in maritime counter-special operations operations (MCSOF*), NLL local provocation response operations, and maritime interdiction to quickly detect and destroy infiltration forces, including enemy air-cushion craft carrying special operations forces and infiltrating the northwest islands and the west coast at high speed. Operations, etc. were carried out.

* MCSOF: Maritime Counter Special Operation Force

In particular, the ROK-US participating forces strengthened their ability to carry out joint and joint operations through practical training, including mutual information exchange and mastering operational procedures through actual maneuvers in accordance with the given situation.

Brigadier General Hwang Jong-seo (Jin), commander of the Navy’s 2nd Maritime Combat Group, who is the field commander, said, “Through this training, we were able to further strengthen our ability to carry out joint and joint operations in preparation for the enemy’s various maritime provocation situations,” and “established a decisive battle readiness.” So, if the enemy provokes us, we will strongly punish on the spot and lead the operation to victory,” he said