On Friday 20th at 10 a.m., the frigate “Baden-Wurttemberg” will be the first ship in its class to sail to an action. With the crew “Delta” she will leave her home port of Wilhelmshaven to participate in the Mandated foreign mission UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) off the Lebanese coast.

Under the command of frigate captain Tilmann von der Lühe (44), the crew will first go to transit to Limassol (Cyprus). From here, the ship will support the UNIFIL operation off the Lebanese coast until mid-January 2024, in surveillance and training of the Lebanese navy.

“For class 125, it is the first time that it has been sent to the deployment and if it is a great honor for me to be allowed to be allowed to be allowed to be the first commander of a frigate class 125, my crew,” says the commander. “I have a great crew, a good ship and that’s why I see myself clearly for all levels. And I also have the serenity of a captain who can command not only in peacekeeping operations, but also in action,” says frigate captain Tilmann von der Luhe.

In addition to the family members, the circles of friends and comrades of the crew members, the commander of the fleet and support staff, Vice Admiral Frank Lenski (61), and the State Secretary of the Patenland Baden-Württemberg, Mr. Thomas Blenke (63), will participate in the exit ceremony.

With the frigates of the Baden-Württemberg-class, the navy has a total of four of the world’s technologically leading warships. The frigate type, which is fundamentally designed for new frigate, has emerged from the German experiences of use over the past decades – and designed for the present and future of stabilization missions. The range of tasks in class F125 includes primarily surveillance of sea spaces in crisis regions worldwide, such as in missions for embargo controls or anti-piracy operations.