ARC Gloria Completes First Marine Corp Training Cruise

March 10, 2020 (Google Translation) – After 18 days of sailing, the 83 students from the School of the Marine Corps returned to the Port of Cartagena. On February 21, they set sail for the first time in history aboard the ARC “Gloria” School Ship.

The future NCOs of the Colombian Navy Navy adorned the ports of Santa Marta and San Andrés Isla, carrying a message of leadership, national love, tenacity and example for new generations, projecting themselves inside the Naval Institution as the guarantors on the safety and defense of the country’s river arteries.

During the tour, the students acquired knowledge in areas such as seamanship and navigation principles, being part of the exercises carried out by the crew of Officers, NCOs and Marines of the Colombian Floating Ambassador in the seas, aboard the Unit.

At a military ceremony presided over by Admiral Evelio Enrique Ramírez Gáfaro, Commander of the Colombian Navy, in the company of insignia officers, former commanders of the ARC “Gloria” School Ship, representatives of the guilds, the media, and family and friends of the crew welcomed the personnel of Marine Corps students, protagonists of this journey, which allowed them to acquire skills in their performance in a Naval Unit.

During its arrival at the ports of Santa Marta and San Andrés Isla, the Flagship of the Colombian Navy received the visit of nearly 5000 people, who first-hand saw the daily life of the men and women of the Colombian Navy that carry with them the national commitment to exalt the name of Colombia around the world.

The Colombian Navy will continue with the development of instruction and training cruises that allow putting into practice the competencies and skills of future Officers and NCOs at the service of the country, while strengthening within the military training the principles and values, as a premise in the training and projection of the military career of the men and women who protect the blue of the flag.

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