Taiwan Praises USS Halsey Transit

September 2, 2020 (Google Translation) – In response to the Global Times report that “the U.S. ship entered the Penghu waterway and crossed the Taiwan Strait,” the Navy Command stated today (1) that the content of the report is by no means true.

The Naval Command stated that US naval ships sailing through the Taiwan Strait from north to south pass along the center line of the strait. Our maritime reconnaissance cruisers are monitoring the whole process. It is not the passage through the Penghu waterway as reported by the Global Times, which is completely inconsistent with the facts.

In response to the false reports of the Global Times deliberately creating false information, trying to confuse the audience, undermining regional peace and stability, and triggering disputes in the Taiwan Strait, we urge the domestic media to do their responsibilities and not arbitrarily quote the Global Times maliciously incited reports to create tensions across the strait.

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