Victory Museum Boat on Poklonnaya Hill Repaired by Vympel

August 6, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Club of Veterans of the Maritime Guard of the Federal Border Guard Service of Russia approached the managing director of the Vympel shipyard with a request to carry out work on the Shmel border patrol boat installed in the Victory Museum on Poklonnaya Gora.

This is not the first time the company’s employees have been restoring the boat. It is located in an open area, which causes the body to suffer. To make the artillery boat look decent, a group of Vympel workers of 5 people was sent to Moscow to carry out painting work.

The employees of the enterprise cleaned and painted the hull, applied control lines, painted decorative elements. The main difficulty of the work was that the PSKR was in the pool, and the sides had to be painted from the boat, moving around the boat. All work was completed in a very short time – in three days. The final touch – festive flags were hung on the Bumblebee. On the day of the Navy, solemn events and excursions were held on the boat.

Managing Director Vadim Sobko received a letter of gratitude from the Chairman of the Club of Veterans of the Marine Guard, Admiral Innokenty Naletov, which says: “On behalf of the veterans of the border guards, I thank you for your patronage help in repairing the ship. Thanks to this, the PSKR “Bumblebee” is in good condition and will serve to preserve the memory of our history and the military-patriotic education of young people. ”

The artillery boat of project 1204, code “Bumblebee”, was intended to solve the tasks of carrying out patrol service on rivers and lakes, destroying enemy river vessels and combat boats, assisting the ground forces with artillery and machine-gun fire, transporting personnel with weapons during crossings and operations in river basins, and also for actions in coastal shallow areas of the seas.

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