Vympel Shipyard Restores Locomotive

July 24, 2020 (Google Translation) – Employees of the Vympel shipyard carried out a technically complex operation to raise and install a retro-locomotive L-5270 on a pedestal at the Rybinsk station square.

The equipment of the enterprise was involved in the work, including a unique, the only one in the region, an automobile crane with a lifting capacity of 200 tons. The difficulty lay in the fact that it was necessary to lift and rearrange a steam locomotive weighing 90 tons and a 36-ton tender – a special coal box attached to it.

The rearrangement operation was being prepared for several months with the participation of plant specialists. On the night of July 24, the locomotive was overtaken on temporary routes, lifted by a crane and installed in its permanent parking place. The specialists worked for more than 8 hours. They were able to carry out such a project thanks to the high qualifications and experience of the riggers, drivers and crane operators of Vympel, who turn over heavy sections, rearrange and raise ships built on Vympel.

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