Aquitaine Completes GIUK Trials

July 23, 2020 (Google Translation) – As part of its Far North mission, the multi-mission frigate (FREMM) Aquitaine contributed to the safety and knowledge of the Far North, by pre-positioning itself north of the GIUK (Greenland, Iceland, UK) and at sea from Norway.

This area in perpetual evolution, represents today a strategic interest because more and more coveted since the global warming and the melting of the ice have opened new maritime routes.

Thanks to its sensors and the development of tactical data links with allied countries, FREMM actively participated in the strategic knowledge and anticipation function. Surveys of aerial and nautical activities in the area were carried out by the Aquitaine crew . FREMM also played a leading role in anti-submarine warfare in a complex and disturbed environment.

Positioned at the gateway to the North Atlantic, FREMM Aquitaine has demonstrated the expertise of the French Navy and thus affirmed France’s status as a maritime power.

The FREMM Aquitaine also increased its level of cooperation with the local marine zone as part of military maneuvers and nautical high level under the banner of interoperability. The “ weekly war ” exercise , in cooperation with the Norwegian Navy, is the symbol of this common desire to densify and streamline our work procedures.

In retrospect, four months after the building was first taken over, this Far North mission was for the first double crew of the FREMM Aquitaine an opportunity to finalize its hardening phase in the face of still little known environments and in a context of health crisis. global. It is with the feeling of duty accomplished that the sailors of crew B turn the hawsers at the base port before transferring the load of the vessel at the end of July to crew A.

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