Dom Francisco de Almeida in Den Helder for Midlife Upgrade

July 11, 2020 (Google Translation) – Frigate Dpm Francisco de Almeida sails, at this time, to Den Helder (Netherlands) where it is expected to arrive next Monday, July 13th, in order to continue, as planned, the Midlife Upgrade.

This modernization program aims, as is being done with the other ship of this class – NRP Bartholomeu Dias – to extend the useful life of ships until 2035, to update the ship’s vital systems such as the combat system, command and platform control and other valuables necessary for the ship to maintain the high operational requirements defined by the organizations of which Portugal is a member, case of NATO and European Union.

This modernization to NRP D. Francisco de Almeida in addition to extending, in time, residence in the Portuguese Navy, will allow you to increase your acting and response capabilities, so that you can be committed to an even more comprehensive range of combatant and non-combatant missions, in the national and international context , ensuring through its flexibility, versatility and resilience, operational employment in the various theatres in which Portugal participates.

The Midlife Upgrade Program (MLU) includes the modernization of weapons systems, sensors and communications and some of the equipment related to propulsion, ship maneuvering and power distribution.

The garrison of the ship will monitor modernization work and receive training aimed at ensuring maximum exploitation of these new systems as well as the necessary maintenance.

The ship left the Lisbon Naval Base last Wednesday, and was scheduled to return to Portugal in 2022.

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