Colombian Navy Intercepts Half Ton of Cocaine

June 3, 2020 (Google Translation) – The effective controls at sea carried out by the Colombian Navy Units through the Pacific Naval Force, allowed the detection of a boat with three subjects on board, at the time when they intended to illegally mobilize a cargo of cocaine to Central America.

The maritime interdiction operation was registered at 10 nautical miles from the coast, in the Punta Ají sector, when Units of the Buenaventura Coast Guard Station, with the support of the ARC “Nariño” Corvette and an aircraft of the Combat Air Command No. 7 of the Colombian Air Force, detected during the night, a lobster-type boat, which minutes before had sailed from the mouth of the Naya River, mobilizing at high speeds and ignoring calls made by the crew of the Navy.

After 30 minutes of persecution, the blue and white boat manned by three men was detained by the Units, who proceeded to inspect it, finding inside 20 sacks containing 543 packages with what appeared to be narcotic substances, a pistol, 9 mm ammunition cartridges, foreign currency represented in $ 1,442,000 and U $ D 51, 500 gallons of gasoline and communication equipment.

The bags, the boat and the subjects were transferred to the pier of the Buenaventura Coast Guard Station, where in compliance with the sanitary protocols ordered by the National Government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and in coordination with the Port Health, examinations were carried out. doctors to the three Colombian subjects in order to verify that they did not present symptoms associated with COVID-19; none presented health alterations.

For their part, members of the Technical Investigation Corps – CTI carried out the Homologated Preliminary Identification Test – PIPH on the substances found, yielding positive for 566.7 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride, which has an estimated cost in the international illegal market of more of $ 19 million.

The seized alkaloid, weapons, ammunition, communications equipment, boat and fuel, were made available to the competent authorities along with those captured, who must answer for crimes of trafficking, manufacture or carrying narcotic drugs and traffic , manufacture, carriage or possession of firearms, parts or ammunition.

Given the situation in the country with attention to the health emergency and measures to prevent COVID-19 infections, the Colombian Navy ratifies its commitment to the continuous development of registry, control and security operations throughout the entire Colombian Pacific Coast, to counteract the activities of transnational crime organizations, with units deployed in the maritime, land, river and air scenarios.

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