EUROMARFOR – First Exercise Under French Command

December 3, 2019 (Google Translation) – On 20 November 2019, the 4th edition of the Sea-Bit exercise took place under the auspices of Euroforce Maritime (EUROMARFOR). The purpose of this exercise was to establish a common surface situation between the four Maritime Operations Centers (COMs) from the central Mediterranean area to the Atlantic. In addition to the 4 COMs, 3 combat vessels were engaged, the French high-seas patrol commander Birot , the Italian missile destroyer Andrea Doria and the Portuguese patrol Hidra .

Establishing a real-time link between the 4 COMs, integrating information detailing the surface situation established by the 4 COMs and the 3 vessels to the sea and identifying behavioral changes among the multiple surface runways were among the objectives of this exercise.

Since COM Toulon, Vice Admiral Jean-Philippe Rolland, French admiral commanding the Naval Action Force (FAN), and EUROMARFOR since September 2019, and the almirante Manuel Garat Caramé, commander of the forces Spain (ALFLOT), have seen the high level of cooperation and interoperability between the different participants.

Created in May 1995 following the Petersberg Declaration (1992), EUROMARFOR is a non-permanent maritime force capable of acting under the command of the European Union, NATO or the UN, or even simple agreement between the 4 member nations (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal). Its main missions are humanitarian, peacekeeping, crisis prevention and management, and maritime security. The rotating command of this force is assured since September 2019 by France.

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