Colombian Navy Seizes Almot 2.5 Tons of Cocaine from Venezuelan Fishingboat

November 28, 2019 (Google Translation) – Within the framework of the Heroes de la Libertad Bicentennial Strategic Plan against transnational organized crime, the Colombian Navy interdicted a fishing vessel 280 nautical miles northeast of San Andres Island, within the Colombian territorial sea in Bajo Nuevo.

The successful operation was achieved thanks to the detection of a suspected Venezuelan flag motorboat named “Doña Nelly”, manned by 15 subjects from that country, who, upon noticing the presence of the ARC ship “Caldas” tried to flee the place, being timely the vessel interdicted by the crew of the naval unit.

When carrying out the procedure for visiting the motorboat, which would have sailed from Margarita Island – Venezuela to Honduras, 88 packages were found, containing 2,335 kilos of a substance, which when verified by the personnel of the SIJIN of the National Police, through Homologated Preliminary Identification Test – PIPH, tested positive for cocaine hydrochloride.

Once it was determined that it was an illegal substance, the subjects and the seized material were taken to the port of San Andrés, to be made available to the competent authorities.

With this important seizure, it was possible to prevent nearly 80 million dollars, the price of the stash in the international illegal market, from entering the financial structures of drug trafficking organizations, weakening their economic capacity.
During the year, the Colombian Navy has seized more than 202.7 tons of cocaine, reaffirming its commitment in the fight against drug trafficking and transnational crimes that affect the country and the region.