Project 22800 Odinstovo Prepares for Sea Trials

November 28, 2019 (Google Translation) – Pella completed the construction of a small missile ship of project 22800 Odintsovo, which is part of the 2020 delivery program. This is the first ship of Project 22800, equipped with the Pantsir-M anti-aircraft missile and artillery system.
RTO “Odintsovo” began to carry out preparatory measures for entering the factory sea trials (ZHI). After docking is completed, the Kanonersky Shiprepairing Shipyard CJSC will transfer the ship to Baltiysk to carry out the ZHI program.

A small missile ship is designed to conduct combat operations in the near sea zone and to participate in the fulfillment of tasks in peacetime and wartime independently and in cooperation.

Technical specifications
Length about 67 m
Width about 11 m
Standard displacement: about 800 t
Full speed: about 30 knots
Cruising Range: up to 2500 miles

missile system “Kaliber”;
gun mount AK-176MA – 1 set;
anti-aircraft missile and artillery system “Shell-M”.
The ship is equipped with modern control systems, electronic weapons, radio communications, navigation, electronic warfare and countermeasures, anti-sabotage weapons, and portable anti-aircraft missile systems.