Commandant Birot Enters Black Sea

November 27, 2019 (Google Translation) – After sailing from Toulon on 14 November, the high-sea patrol officer Commandant Birot crossed the straits of the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles on Tuesday 19 November. He has entered the Black Sea for an operational deployment of about 20 days on the zone, which will bring him to work with the navies of the bordering countries, and more particularly with Georgia, Ukraine and Romania.

This mission of Commandant Birot in the Black Sea illustrates the commitment of France to the freedom of navigation on all the seas of the globe, in compliance with international conventions, and especially on areas of interest. The regular presence of a navy vessel on this theater allows to maintain in the Black Sea close and regular relations with the allied navies.

On this occasion, crossing the straits of the Bosphorus and Dardenelles allowed the crew of Commandant Birot to pay tribute to the sailors of the cruiser Bouvet disappeared during the Battle of the Dardanelles. During this battle of the same name in the First World War, the ship struck a mine and sank in a few minutes, taking with it the vast majority of its crew. Of the 750 men crew, there will be only 47 survivors. A wreath of flowers was launched in the wake, to honor the memory of these French sailors killed in action.