Taiwan Clarifies Submarine Plans

November 15, 2019 (Google Translation) – In response to media reports that “the submarine country made foreign designs to build the hull?”, the Navy Command said today (14) that the relevant judgments were wrong and inconsistent with the facts. The description is as follows:

1. The second phase of the design and construction of the submarine country’s national division. The design phase has been completed from March 23, 2006 to December 22, 109. The concept design, preliminary design, and contract design have been completed, and detailed design is being implemented. The submarine design is designed independently in China, and the technical service is provided by those who have the performance of submarine design abroad, and the design drawings are not purchased from other countries.
2. The Navy and Taiwan Ships went to the Legislative Yuan on March 28 to implement the confidential report on the progress of the submarine country-building project. On April 23, they explained to the supervisory committee the progress of the submarine country and the documents, and they are currently standing in the hospital. Under the support and supervision, the progress is normal.
3. The world’s submarines are not independently completed by a single country, and the United States is also the same. The first prototype ship also adopts this model to absorb foreign technology and foreign original technology cooperation, and reduce construction risks, and gradually establish domestic manufacturers. The submarine equipment is equipped with energy to increase the self-made rate one by one, and achieve the national defense goal in the future.
4. The acquisition of submarine ships has always been the government’s consistent policy. Do not use non-professional arguments to judge submarine countries to create cases, and to avoid affecting the public. The Navy will continue to implement risk control in a prudent and rigorous manner, complete the construction of submarine ships, and appeal to the support of the Chinese.  

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