Cabo de Hornos Deploys for PROFAN Project

November 15, 2019 (Google Translation) – After embarking 24 scientists in the Puerto Montt area, the “Cabo de Hornos” Oceanographic Vessel is sailing towards the fjord area in the south of the country, between Puerto Eden and Canal Concepcion.

The scientists, belonging to the University of Magallanes, the Fishing Development Institute of Punta Arenas and the Universidad Austral de Chile, will begin the first phase of the PROFAN project – Noxious Algal Flowering Program – of CONICYT, whose main objective is the study of ecology of red tide that includes toxicity and types of species in relation to their environment.

The Commander of the Unit, Frigate Captain José Cabezas, commented that “during the Cruise, a record of the consequences of pollution and global warming will be carried out at the ecosystem level of the waters of the Patagonian fjords on the Adjacent Continental Platform, along with Sampling and survey of bathymetric data at Monte O’Higgins and Dorsal de Juan Fernández.

It should be noted that the construction of the Ship was designed around operational oceanography for the study of climatic phenomena and interaction between ocean and atmosphere; geophysical oceanography for underwater studies related to continental drift and tectonic plates in bathymetric surveys of the seabed; hydroacoustic evaluation for pollution and biomass evaluation; and fishing for species sampling.