German Navy Releases 2019 Report

November 12, 2019 (Google Translation) – Rear Admiral Karsten Schneider, Chief of Staff at the Naval Command in Rostock, presented the annual report as part of the “Maritime Convention” in the state representation of Lower Saxony / Schleswig-Holstein in Berlin.

The annual report on the maritime dependence of the Federal Republic of Germany appears for the 32nd time. Also this year under the auspices of the Inspector of the Navy, Vice Admiral Andreas Krause. “The German Navy makes a unique and indispensable contribution to securing these free sea routes and is an essential guarantor of our prosperity. In addition to the protection of maritime trade routes and international crisis management, the national and alliance defense since 2014 has again become of equal importance, “said Krause.

“The Navy with the smallest fleet since its inception fills this largest variety of tasks in its history – currently 46 units. It is therefore important that we continue to pursue the initiated modernization and growth of the Navy in a consistent and committed manner in order to be able to fully fulfill the broader range of tasks “, continues Vice Admiral Krause.

The report, in German, is now available for free download at