Spain Practices Amphibous Landings in Exercise BALEAREX19

November 7, 2019 (Google Translation) – From last Tuesday 05 to November 19, the exercise “BALEAREX-19” is being carried out in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and in the Balearic archipelago, under the command of the General Commandant of the Marine Corps, HE. Mr. Antonio Planells Palau.

The exercise will take place in a realistic scenario, executing an amphibious operation that will involve planning and conducting a crisis response operation in a multi-threat scenario.

An amphibious operation is an operation launched from the sea by surface and / or aerial means on a hostile coast. It is a complex action with a wide spectrum of execution and covers an amphibious assault, through a humanitarian aid operation to respond to a natural disaster or risk situation, to an operation to extract national citizens who are in danger. imminent or potential.

The BALEAREX-19 exercise is another example of the effort made by the Navy to improve its capabilities, from experience and knowledge, through the use of its means, increasing the level of training and the degree of integration of the different Units of the Fleet in Amphibious Operations, as well as the preparation of its deployable staff.

The Spanish Navy has an Amphibious Force, composed of the Fleet Projection Group, which has the amphibious ship carrier “Juan Carlos I” participating in the exercise, as well as a Ship Unit (Naval Beach Group), for develop the ship-coast movement. The Marine Corps Landing Force, consisting of units of the Marine Corps-Tercio de Armada Brigade, the Protection Force and the Special Naval War Force, as well as Aircraft Units embarked from the Aircraft Fleet.