HNLMS Groningen Intercepts 330 Kilo Cocaine Shipment

October 31, 2019 (Google Translation) – HNLMS Groningen intercepted a drug transport in the early morning of 19 October. To the west of Aruba, the patrol ship managed to stop a so-called go fast-speed boat with 330 kilograms of cocaine on board.

A Dash-8, maritime patrol aircraft of the coastguard, discovered the fast motorboat on a well-known smuggling route. The Groningen was then called in. He traced the drug boat with the help of his fast FRISC interception boat. On board was a combined team of the US Coast Guard and members of the Marine Corps.

The suspects and the cocaine have been handed over to the US coast guard vessel Charles David Junior for prosecution in the United States.

Groningen has been active in the region as a station ship Caribbean since April 2019. In that role, it is involved in anti-drug operations and supporting the Caribbean Coastguard, among other things.