Canarias and Nivose PASSEX in the Indian Ocean

October 11, 2019 (Google Translation) – On Thursday, October 3, 2019, the Nivôse surveillance frigate , currently deployed in the Indian Ocean, conducted joint exercises (PASSEX) with the Spanish frigate Canarias ( Santa Maria class ).

Engaged in Task Force (TF) 465 ( Atalanta mission ) and TF 150 , the two navies seized this simultaneous presence in the Indian Ocean to organize opportunity interactions. During this meeting at sea, the Panther du Nivôse went to land on the Canarias platform , the opportunity for the commanders to meet, share their feedback on their area of ​​operations and exchange on their missions.

TF 465 is a European force in which the Canarias frigate is deployed in direct support and whose aim is the fight against piracy off the coast of Somalia. The TF 150, for its part, is a multinational task force of 14 countries including France and Spain, whose goal is to conduct maritime actions against trafficking likely to support international terrorism in the Indian Ocean. The surveillance frigate Nivôse , who sailed from La Réunion on 2 September, was currently in direct support of TF 150 and in support of TF 465.

The 1,700 soldiers deployed to the FAZSOI guarantee the protection of the national territory and animate regional cooperation from Reunion and Mayotte. FAZSOI is the main focus of the Indian Ocean theater to fight against new threats such as piracy or illegal immigration, to monitor the exclusive economic zones (EEZ) associated with all the islands in the zone responsibility and maintain a regional capacity for rapid intervention.