KRI Sigurot Seizes Bangladeshi-Flagged MV Faneromeni

October 9, 2019 (Google Translation) – Koarmada I committed indiscriminately in the enforcement of sovereignty and law at sea. The control of ships anchored at anchor in the responsibility area of ​​Koarmada I continues to be enforced primarily in the northern waters of Tanjung Berakit, Bintan Island. It aims to maintain security and order and avoid pollution and environmental damage for illegal actions in Indonesian waters, especially in the area of ​​responsibility of the Indonesian Military Army I. KRI Sigurot-864 inspects and secures foreign vessels of the Bangladesh-flagged MV Faneromeni (7/10/2019).

MV Faneromeni is suspected of illegally anchoring lego mistakes in the Indonesian territorial area, in the North waters of Tanjung Berakit, precisely at coordinates 01 ° 22,452 ‘U – 104 ° 38,745’ T, these waters are Indonesian territorial and not the area specified for ships performing lego anchor. The movement of ships in the Koarmada I work area is continuously monitored through the Koarmada I Command and Control Operations Center, in collaboration with side commands, to obtain accurate data for more effective management of operating information.

From the results of the inspection, obtained information on the name of the MV Faneromeni ship, Nationality of Bangladesh, type of Cargo Ship, zero load, the number of ABK 21 people (foreigners of Bangladesh).

The MV Faneromeni is suspected of violating the anchor lego in the Indonesian Territory (9.3 NM from North Tanjung Berakit).

Based on the alleged violation, KRI Commander Sigurot-864 Major Sea (P) Dienul Akbar, S.E., ordered that the MV Faneromeni Ship in Adhock go to the Lego Tanjung Uban area for further processing.

MV Faneromeni is the 10th ship that was captured and tried for violating the illegal anchor in the territorial waters of Indonesia, outside the designated anchor area. This ship was arrested for violating article 317 of Law No. 17 of 2008 concerning shipping jo. Article 3 paragraph (4) Government Regulation No.36 of 2002 concerning the Rights and Obligations of Foreign Vessels in Implementing Peace Transfers Through Indonesian Waters in conjunction with Article 225 paragraph (1) of Law Number 17 of 2018 concerning shipping. As it is emphasized that the provisions of foreign vessels conducting peaceful crossing in Indonesian waters are foreign ships having the right to cross peacefully in the sea territory of a country, including the right to stop and throw anchor, in the event of a shipping incident or forced by force majeure or in a state of danger .