Baltic Fleet Ships Complete ASW Training

October 3, 2019 (Google Translation) – In the naval ranges of the Baltic Fleet, a naval anti-submarine strike group, in cooperation with the Ka-27PL anti-submarine helicopter, conducted a joint anti-submarine exercise.

As part of the tactical exercises of the anti-submarine forces of the Baltic Fleet in the ranges located in the Baltic Sea, the crews of the Stoykiy corvette and the small anti-submarine ships Aleksin, Urengoy and Kazanets completed the tasks of finding and destroying a conditional enemy submarine.

During the exercise, the ships, in cooperation with the Ka-27PL anti-submarine helicopter of the naval aviation of the fleet, carried out a series of joint exercises to search for, track and destroy a conditional enemy submarine using radar and sonar systems and performed a range of firing with RBU-6000 rocket-propelled bombing systems.

In addition to anti-submarine operations, the crews worked out tasks of narrow-range swimming, joint maneuvering, performed exercises to set electronic jammers, conducted conventional missile and artillery firing at sea and air targets, as well as intra-ship training on radiation, chemical and biological defense and the fight for ship survivability.