Australian Hydrographic Office Celebrates 100 Years

October 5, 2019 – The Australian Hydrographic Office (AHO) launched its centenary celebrations in Wollongong today, in the lead-up to its 100th anniversary in October 2020.

Defence is the lead government body for hydrography in Australia, a role performed by the AHO, the national charting authority.

The AHO is responsible for the production of Australia’s 1,376 electronic and paper nautical charts, tide tables and other nautical publications to support all vessels navigating seas and oceans around Australia.

A longstanding and integral part of the Royal Australian Navy and Defence, the AHO maintains Australia’s repository of hydrographic information to support maritime safety, protection of the environment and Defence maritime operations.

Australia’s maritime environment is particularly complex – with responsibility for an area covering one-eighth of the world’s oceans and seas – and as diverse as Antarctica through to the Great Barrier Reef.

Over its long history, the AHO has actively supported the development of Australia’s maritime industry.

Of particular note is the discovery of the LADS passage in the Great Barrier Reef, which provides a safe passage for vessels through the maritime national park, both protecting this unique environment and reducing transit time for vessels operating in the area.

The AHO also has longstanding commitments to Australian Pacific neighbors through formal support arrangements for hydrographic services to the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

Over the next 12 months, the AHO will be conducting a series of activities celebrating its history and contribution.