Indonesian Navy Celebrates 74th Anniversary

September 26, 2019 (Google Translation) – In order to welcome the peak of the 74th anniversary of the TNI which falls on 5 October 2019 at Halim Jakarta next, 216 Navy Academy Cadets (AAL) involved in the commemoration, using KRI Makasar-590 sailed to the location the event to Jakarta from the Surabaya Edge Koarmada II, Wednesday (9/25).

“According to the plan, the KRI Makassar-590 also stopped at the Port of Tanjung Emas in Semarang to pick up a number of Air Force Academy (AAU) personnel who were also involved in the event”.

During the voyage to Semarang with KRI Makassar-590 and at the port of Tanjung Emas in Semarang, Taruna and Taruni AAL conducted exercises to support the dirty rehearsals, clean rehearsals and the highlight of the TNI Anniversary commemoration ceremony in Jakarta, including parade, defile, training exercises Drum Distillation (GS) Gita Jala Taruna AAL and UN training. Besides that, while on KRI on the voyage, Youth also carried out activities to support health and safety, namely morning and evening exercise. Besides that, religious activities and caregiving from caregiver officers who participated in the event.

Involved in the event, Taruna and Taruni AAL, several caregivers of AAL and the Commander of the KRI Makassar along with their staffs as well as some Taruna training equipment and some supporting vehicles.

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