Bolivian Delegration at SIMA Callao September 16-30

A delegation of the Bolivian Navy is carrying out an internship program in our Operation Center of Callao, from Monday 16 to September 30, with the purpose of observing and knowing the facilities and technical capabilities of the Shipyard.

As part of the programmed activities, technical talks are held in the SIMA Callao auditorium, on integrated management systems, industrial safety, processes for the design and construction of ships and metalworking structures, quality control in shipyard production processes, among Other topics of interest.

In addition, they will conduct guided visits to our areas and workshops, to learn about the various processes of shipbuilding, ship repairs, shipbuilding and electricity.

It is important to mention that this program is carried out as part of compliance with the Bilateral Agreement between the Bolivian Navy and the Peruvian Navy for the exchange of military personnel in instructional, training and specialization activities and internships of a professional technical nature .