Méndez Núñez Pays Tribute to the “Last of the Philippines”

September 10, 2019 (Google Translation) – Last Monday, September 9, the frigate of the Spanish Navy F-104 ‘Méndez Núñez’, which is in transit to the island of Guam, has anchored in the Bay of Baler (Philippines) to pay tribute to the ‘Heroes del Baler ‘or better known as’ The Last of the Philippines’. This detachment consisted of 54 soldiers defended 121 years ago the Spanish possessions in the archipelago during a year of siege, then starring in one of the greatest feats of Spanish military history.

The entire endowment has participated in a simple but solemn act of homage, in which regional authorities from the district of Aurora and premises of the Municipality of Baler have been invited on board; as well as authorities of the Embassy of Spain in the Philippines.

In turn, the ship has highlighted 21 members of the earth endowment to honor the place of the deed, where they have been able to know the Church in which the Spanish soldiers entrenched themselves against much superior forces. In front of it, a brief tribute has been made, ‘ To the soldiers, Spaniards and Filipinos, who fought with courage, served with loyalty and died with honor.’

The frigate ‘Méndez Núñez’ is carrying out a commemorative crossing of the beginning of the Magallanes-Elcano expedition. This navigation aims not only to honor the deed, but also to show Spain’s commitment to security, promote defense diplomacy, support the national defense industry and strengthen ties with the countries of the ports it visits.