Japan Details Assistance of Allies in Monitoring North Korean Shipping

August 22, 2019 (Google Translation) – The Canadian Navy frigate “Ottawa” has responded to illegal maritime activities including “Setori” of North Korean flagged vessels prohibited by the UN Security Council resolution. As a ship, we plan to conduct a third surveillance surveillance since last year.

In early September, Australia is scheduled to conduct a fifth aircraft warning surveillance from last year based on the United States Armed Forces Kadena Air Base based on the UN Army Status Agreement.

Japan has united the international community to realize the disposal of all weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles of all ranges in a complete, verifiable and irreversible way. Such efforts are welcomed from the perspective of ensuring the effectiveness of the resolution.

As the Ministry of Defense and the Self-Defense Forces, the Maritime Self-Defense Forces is collecting information on ships suspected of violating UN Security Council resolutions and will work closely with the countries concerned.

Alert monitoring activities by related countries

1. Warning surveillance activities by aircraft In
addition to the United States, aircraft from related countries are conducting surveillance surveillance activities based on the Kadena Air Base in the US military in Japan.
・ Australia and Canada dispatched aircraft for about one month from late April 2018.
・ Australia, Canada and New Zealand dispatched aircraft for about one and a half months from mid September.
・ Australia dispatched aircraft for about a week from the beginning of December of the same year.
-France dispatched aircraft for about three weeks from mid-March 2019.
・ Australia dispatched aircraft for about one month from the beginning of May of the same year.
・ Canada dispatched aircraft for about one month from the beginning of June of the same year.

2. Warning surveillance activities by ships
 Navy ships from related countries in addition to the United States conduct warning surveillance activities in the waters around Japan, including the East China Sea.
-Royal Navy: Frigate “Sutherland” (early May 2018)
Landing ship “Albion” (late May to early June, mid June)
Frigate “Argyll” (mid December 2018, January 2019) Early)
Frigate “Montrose” (late February to early March 2019)
・ Canadian Navy: Frigate “Calgary” (early and late October 2018)
Supply ship “Asterix” (early October to late 2018, mid-June 2019)
Frigate “Regina” (mid-June 2019) ・ Australian Navy: Frigate “Melbourne” (early October 2018, early May 2019)
・ French Navy: Frigate “Vendemière” (Spring 2019)