Vendémiaire Trains With HMAS Brisbane

August 20, 2019 (Google Translation) – At the end of a week of training, essential to the training of the newly embarked personnel, the crew of the Vendémiaire conducted a day of joint exercise with the Australian Navy.

Made with HMAS Brisbane, the latest Australian destroyer off the coast of Nouméa, it allowed French and Australian sailors to improve their interoperability by running complex exercises.

The interaction began with an evolution exercise in parallel with the implementation of the Alouette III. The latter took several snapshots of evolutions before making a winching and touch and go on the Brisbane helicopter platform. A cross-visit exercise then allowed visiting teams from both nations to practice investigative techniques and showcase their expertise.

Lastly, two Guardian planes from the 25F flotilla rubbed against the anti-aircraft capabilities of the frigates, a battlefield for which the Brisbane is particularly well equipped.

The overall interaction has further contributed to strengthening Franco-Australian military cooperation and maintaining interoperability with one of our key partners in the Asia Pacific region.

The Vendémiaire then accompanied the Brisbane in the New Caledonian lagoon so that the Australian crew could make a short stop in Noumea before arriving in San Diego for a period of intensive training with the US Navy.