HMS Defender Begins Asia-Pacific Deployment

August 12, 2019 – Type 45 destroyer HMS Defender, one of two currently operational, has deployed to the Asia Pacific region.

The deployment aims to strengthen already strong defense ties and demonstrate the UK’s commitment to the peace and prosperity of the region. The presence of the ship proves the UK’s global reach with world-wide interests and world-leading defense capability.

HMS Defender will take part in maritime security patrols aimed at protecting vital trade routes as part of a long-standing 30-nation maritime force. The Asia Pacific region is increasingly important to the UK for prosperity with more than one third of UK trade by value travelling from this area.

Commander Richard Hewitt, Commanding Officer of HMS Defender said: “This is an opportunity for HMS Defender to demonstrate the global reach of the Royal Navy as well as the UK’s commitment to building relationships and maintaining stability in the Asia Pacific region.

“I am very proud of the ship’s company and the many support organizations who have supported us to reach this point today.”

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