50 Year Anniversary of ARA 25 de Mayo

August 8, 2019 (Google Translation) – On September 28, 1969, the ARA aircraft carrier “25 de Mayo” was incorporated into the Sea Fleet. Today, August 8, his flag affirmation is commemorated.

The Argentine Navy had initiated the negotiations for the acquisition of a ship at the end of the decade of the 60 since a ship with greater operational benefits was needed than its predecessor, the ARA “Independence”.

After negotiations with the Dutch Government, the purchase of an aircraft carrier was resolved and authorized by a decree of September 27, 1968, becoming said ship owned by the Argentine State on December 8, 1968, taking the name “25 de Mayo ” It was the 12th ship that in our Navy bore this name, honoring the date on which the First National Government was erected.

The brand new acquisition was not a new or newly built ship, it was launched in 1942 for the English Navy and in 1949 it was acquired by the Dutch Naval Force.

The affirmation of the pavilion was made on August 8, 1969, leaving Rotterdam the first days of September. On the 28th of that month he arrived at the Puerto Belgrano Naval Base joining the Sea Fleet.

“25 de Mayo” was designated as admiral ship. Its flag of war was donated by the Association of Honorary Members of the Sea Fleet on October 19, 1970.

This aircraft carrier was present in almost all the exercises carried out by the Sea Fleet and the aircraft squadrons. Arrived 1982, he was part of the South Atlantic Conflict, participating in the “Operation Rosario” and as a control vessel for attack aircraft against British ships and air control. For its performance in it, the unit was awarded the “Combat Operations” award.

After the Falklands War, “25 de Mayo” continued participating in the exercises of the Sea Fleet. His last operational navigation was carried out between February 27 and March 5, 1988 in the area of ​​El Rincon, in a training stage of the embarked aircraft group.

By resolution of the Chief of the General Staff of the Navy of March 5, 1997, the ship was transferred to temporary recess for modification or modernization or radiation for sale as of February 1, 1997.

Its pavilion rests in custody at the Naval Aviation Museum at Comandante Espora Air Base.

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