Amerigo Vespucci in the Norwegian Fjords

August 5, 2019 (Google Translation) – After stopping in the Irish port of Dublin , the training ship Amerigo Vespucci continues its campaign to the Norwegian port of Bergen .

Norway is also referred to as the ” country of the fjords ” due to the presence of these numerous stretches of sea that often creep very deeply into the hinterland, dominated on both sides by majestic mountains and enchanting verdant landscapes.

On board the students of the Naval Academy of the first year continue their education campaign, experiencing more and more life on board and living with enthusiasm every single day on what for three months will be their “floating home”.

Stage after stage they increase their knowledge of the seafaring art between ascents in trees, astronomical observations and armed exercises in the sea, but also polishing brass, maneuvering the yards and hoisting sails.

Navigation proceeds at full speed so as to have reached 12.3 knots with only the pace sailing, a very high speed for everyday performance, however, has not yet passed the famous record held by Admiral Straulino.

The ship follows its route proceeding north of the Shetland Islands, passing through the Isle of Lewis and then towards the Norwegian fjord Hjeltefjorden towards the port of Bergen.

In the past these naturalistic scenarios have also been the scene of historical events such as the last foundation of the German battleship of World War II Bismark in the Norwegian fjords before Bergen, before being sunk in 1941 by the British fleet.

A majestic backdrop will thus be the background for the great sailing ship leading it to the third stage of the 2019 Education Campaign .

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