Fisheries Police Operation off Martinique

August 1, 2019 (Google Translation) – From 26 to 28 June a fisheries police cross-jurisdictional transaction was coordinated by the direction of the sea of ​​Martinique in several quartering areas and fishing prohibited.

This operation, which notably involved the Coastal Tugboat Coastal Maïto of the French Navy, the Littoral Unit of Maritime Affairs Thazard and divers of the nautical brigade of the Marin gendarmerie, allowed the lifting and destruction of twenty-five traps. unlawful. Upstream, a registration by an unmanned submarine of the regional coastguard (DRGC) Antilles-Guyana was also allowed to investigate certain work areas.

This mission, which is part of the regional fisheries monitoring plan and protection of the marine environment, since this year is also scope within the operational committee of fight against environmental crime (COLDEN). This committee at the regional level is jointly established by the prefect of Martinique and the Public Prosecutor at the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Fort-de-France.

The COLDEN operations aim to improve coordination between the various entities of the action of the sea state. Due to their specific abilities, on solicitation of Martinique Prefecture and in connection with other services of the State concerned, the FAA contribute to these interventions under their mission of fishing police, with a view to fight against illegal fishing.

The 1,000 FAA military guarantee the protection of the national territory and animate regional cooperation from the departments of Martinique and Guadeloupe. They constitute a leading joint mechanism on the Caribbean theater, in coordination with the armed forces in Guyana. In the Caribbean, the military carry out tasks of sovereignty and regional cooperation, and conduct three specific missions: state action at sea, under the authority of the Government Delegate to the action of sea state to effectively combat narcotraffic at sea and to coordinate the implementation of emergency plans at sea; relief to people in the event of natural disasters or serious humanitarian situations in the area.