2019 Russian Arctic Mission Commences

August 5, 2019 (Google Translation) – Under the leadership of the commander of the Kola Flotilla of diverse forces, Vice Admiral Oleg Golubev, today the next campaign of the Arctic Group of the Northern Fleet along the seas of the Arctic Ocean has begun. The event is held for the 8th consecutive year.

The large anti-submarine ship Vice Admiral Kulakov, the large landing ships Alexander Otrakovsky and Kondopoga, the rescue and towing vessel Pamir, the tanker Sergey Osipov and the icebreaker Ilya Muromets take part in the Arctic campaign.

Ships and support vessels left their permanent bases — Severomorsk and Murmansk, marched along the Kola Bay and formed a marching order in the Barents Sea.

A few days before the trip, the crews of the ships and vessels worked out the coordination of joint actions in the Barents Sea. Conducted a communications exercise, as well as a series of exercises on logistical support and assistance to a ship in distress. In addition, the crews of the ships fulfilled the tasks of anti-aircraft, anti-submarine and anti-sabotage defense of the detachment at the transition by sea and in an unprotected raid.

Before going into the sea aboard the landing ships, the equipment of the marine corps and the Arctic motorized rifle brigade was loaded.

It is planned that the voyage of ships and vessels supporting the Northern Fleet will last for two months and will take place mainly in the waters of the Barents and Kara Seas, in the Taimyr Peninsula, the Severnaya and Novaya Zemlya archipelagos, as well as Franz Josef Land. Severomorsk residents will take part in several landings of naval assault forces on an unequipped coast in the Arctic, will conduct exercises to protect an important industrial facility, will work out a number of anti-submarine missions, and will carry out practical missile and artillery firing.

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