Project 12341 Smerch Receives AK-176MA Gun

August 2, 2019 (Google Translation) – The Dalzavod Center for Ship Repair Center JSC (Vladivostok) completed the installation of a new universal AK-176MA 76-mm automatic cannon on the modernized small missile ship Smerch (MRK).

The AK-176MA is equipped with a digital control system and a new optoelectronic station, which allows to detect and hit targets in any weather at long range. The high density of fire makes it possible for the gun mount to destroy even armored objects.

In July, RTO “Smerch” made an interbase transition from a base station in Kamchatka to the main fleet base to participate in the celebration of the Day of the Russian Navy.

Earlier, on the basis of JSC Northeast Repair Center, repair work was carried out with the modernization of the ship during which the missile defense system was rearmament from the Malachite missile system to the Uran anti-ship cruise missile system. Now RTOs carries 16 such missiles. The ship was repaired and replaced with more advanced individual systems and mechanisms.

It is planned that by the end of the year, after testing systems and weapons, RTO Smerch will return to the Pacific Fleet’s permanent readiness forces.