Training ship Perekop Prepares for Return Passage

July 30, 2019 (Google Translation) – The flagship specialists of the Black Sea Fleet headquarters check the training ship “Perekop” before going to sea.

All technical systems, equipment and documentation of the ship are checked in accordance with the requirements for ships that make interflight crossing. The ship is replenished to full standards of fuel, water and food.

July 26th of this year. the training ship “Perekop” arrived on the Black Sea Fleet to replace the cadets studying after the transition from Kronstadt to Sevastopol.

After checking and eliminating the identified observations, the ship’s crew will go to sea to carry out a training trip with the cadets of the Black Sea Higher Naval School named after P.S. Nakhimov and the Sevastopol Presidential Cadet School (Branch of the Nakhimov Naval School).

The ship will head to Kronstadt, on the way to which, by passing the Strait of Gibraltar, it will make a business call at the Spanish port of Ceuta.