Brazilian Navy holds 60th edition of Operation UNITAS in Rio de Janeiro

July 29, 2019 (Google Translation) – The Brazilian Navy (MB) will hold, from August 19 to 30, in the maritime area adjacent to Rio de Janeiro – RJ, the 60th edition of Operation UNITAS (UNITAS LX / 2019). The 60th edition of Operation is the oldest multinational maritime exercise organized by the United States of America (USA), held since 1959, and has been in amphibious format since 2008. Its main objective is to increase interoperability between the navies and strengthen the ties of cooperation. and friendship.

In the 2019 edition, the Operation will consist of a maritime stage (UNITAS LANT) integrated with an amphibious phase (UNITAS AMPHIBIOUS), which will include a simulation of humanitarian aid from an amphibious operation on Marambaia Island.

UNITAS 2019 will be attended by naval, aircraft, air and marine units. In addition to Brazil, media and delegations from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, USA, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and the United Kingdom will be present.

The following schedule will be met:

1. On August 19th, at Rio de Janeiro Naval Base:
09h00 – Opening Ceremony;
10h50 – Press Conference; and
11:25 am – Meeting with the Press.

2. During the port phase from 19 to 22 August, a series of pre-commission events will take place, such as: coordination meetings between the participating navies, civic-social action (COMREL / ACISO), among other activities;

3. During the sea phase, from August 22 to 30, exercises will be performed concerning the basic tasks of the Naval Power, including surface, air, electronic warfare and maritime interdiction operations. All exercises will take place in order to contribute to maintaining the level of training of the Squadron’s means and to increasing cooperation and closer friendships between MB and the other navies. From August 27 to 30, amphibious operations exercises will be performed on Marambaia Island;

4. On August 27th will be VIP and Media Day, when the Amphibious Landing Operation will take place on Marambaia Island (“D” Day), with the presence of authorities (to be confirmed); and

5. On August 30, the Closing Ceremony will be held at the Amphibious Division Command on Governor Island.

The Brazilian Task Force (WG), led by Rear Admiral LUIZ ROBERTO CAVALCANTI VALICENTE, Commander of the 2nd Division Division (ComDiv-2), aboard the “Atlantic” Multi-Purpose Helicopter Carrier, will be composed of the following ships: Dock Ship Multipurpose “Bahia” (G40); Frigates “Constitution” (F42); “Liberal” (F43); Rademaker (F49); Oceanic Patrol Ship “Apa” (P121); Purus Ocean Support Ship (G152); Ship-
Guaporé Patrol (P45); Patrol Ship “Macaé” (P70) and Submarine “Tupi” (S30). The GT will also feature a Combat Divers Detachment (MEC), Amphibious Caterpillar Cars (CLAnf) and the support of the following Brazilian Navy aircraft: “Super Cougar” (UH-15); Seahawk (SH-16); Super Linx (AH-11 A / B); “Squirrel” (UH-12); and “Skyhawk” (AF-1), in addition to “Orion” aircraft (P-3AM); “Girl Scout Patrol” (P-95); and “Caracal” (H-36), from the Brazilian Air Force.

The operation will be attended by the following media from other navies: US Navy, USS Carter Hall Docking Ship (LSD-50), with 15 Amphibious Assault Vehicles (AAVs) and 1 Landing Craft Utility (LCU) shipped, as well as 1 P-8 Poseidon Maritime and Anti-Submarine Patrol aircraft operating from land, in addition to other means of supporting the landing operation; from the Argentine Navy, the ARA Bahía San Blas Transport Ship and the ARA Almirante Brown Frigate, with 1 AS 555 Fennec aircraft on board; and the Peruvian Navy, the Corvette BAP Ferré.

At the Amphibious Landing, we will have the movement of a Multinational Amphibious Element, composed of about 400 military personnel from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, USA, Paraguay and Peru, employing Landing Craft Utility (Landing Craft Utility). LCU).

UNITAS LX – 19 will mobilize a total of 10 Brazilian ships and 4 from other countries, various fixed and rotary wing aircraft, a Combined Exercise Scenario Control Group (CESCG), as well as ground support, accounting for More than 3000 military personnel involved.

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