Arnomendi Returns to Ferrol From Fishery Patrol

July 31, 2019 (Google Translation) – This morning the patrolman `Arnomendi´ has returned to the naval station of“ La Graña ”after having carried out activities of surveillance and protection of national and community fishing interests for three months.

This deployment, initiated on May 5, is part of the Framework Plan for Fisheries Surveillance Activities jointly developed by the General Secretariat of Fisheries and the Navy within the tasks of resource protection of maritime safety activities.

The design of the different campaigns this year have led the “Arnomendi” to carry out its activity in locations as distant as the NEAFC fishing grounds (south of Iceland), the fisheries of the Great Sun, the fishing grounds of the “Red Tuna” in the coast of Levante and Baleares, and the waters of the Cantabrian Sea on the occasion of the “Costera del Bonito” campaign.

As a complement to its endowment, the “Arnomendi” has had the participation of different specialized teams of national and international inspectors belonging to SEGEPESCA, the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) and national agencies of other community countries, which They have been relieving based on the fishing grounds where the activity was taking place.

During these three months, the patrolman has visited the ports of Reykjavik, Cork (Ireland), Lisbon, Leixoes and Aviles. Its activity, in addition to Spanish fishing vessels, has reached both community and non-community vessels, carrying out inspections, among others, of Russian, Finnish, Norwegian, Irish, French, Maltese,…

Throughout these three months the Arnomendi has traveled about 13,000 miles and carried out more than 70 fishing inspections framed in different fishing grounds and subject to different regulations.

The patrol boat “Arnomendi” was built in the Freire Shipyards of Vigo in 2000, belongs to the Maritime Action Force and is based in Ferrol. It is commanded by CC Balbino López Alonso and has a staff of 42 people.

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