RFS Dmitrov Trains in Minefield Penetration

July 14, 2019 (Google Translation) – The crew of the diesel-electric submarine “Dmitrov” in the course of routine development of elements of the course task L-2 in the combat training grounds of the Baltic Fleet in the Gulf of Finland performed combat training tasks in overcoming minefields.

In the course of the exercise, submariners worked closely with the crews of the base minesweepers of the Leningrad Naval Base, who trawled the fairway.

Before the submarine was the task – to pass in the surface position at a certain distance with a given speed behind the trawls. At the same time, the crews of all the ships performed tasks at combat posts in accordance with the training alert schedule in readiness for actions to fight for survivability by sudden introduction, including the option of combat damage to the hull and water entering the compartment.

Posting surface ships and submarines for trawls is one of the main elements of crew training when performing tasks at sea.

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