Three Dutch Auxiliaries to Receive Midlife Upgrade

July 11, 2019 (Google Translation) – The support ship Pelikaan and the hydrographic survey vessels Snellius and Luymes get a major makeover. The ships thus enter the 2nd half of their life cycle with a fresh start. Defense and Damen Shiprepair Den Helder signed today for this so-called midlife upkeep (MLU).

Safety and aging problems are solved with maintenance. In this way the ships get a new so-called ship’s skin and radars and communication equipment are renewed. Major maintenance for ship systems also follows. This is combined with regular major maintenance.

The work that starts this year will be carried out at the Damen sites in Den Helder and Harlingen. For this assignment Damen Shiprepair takes care of the design and implementation. Around 30 sub-suppliers support the company. The job was done in 2021.

The hydrographic survey vessels chart the sea (bottom). The Hydrographic Service uses this information to make nautical charts, among other things. As part of the work, all the underwater sensors are being replaced so that this task can be carried out efficiently for years to come.

Pelikaan is the support ship of the navy in the Caribbean. It is used for transportation and emergency assistance. This happened among others after Hurricane Irma in 2017. The Pelikaan was commissioned in 2006. Since then it has operated in the Caribbean. The ship is now returning to the Netherlands for the first time.