French Navy Trains With US Marines

July 4, 2019 (Google Translation) – Deployed since February 25, 2019, Joan of Arc Group has leveraged its passage to the United States to conduct operational readiness activities June 27 to 29, 2019 with the US Marines at Camp Lejeune and means of the US Navy based in Norfolk.

For three days, the sailors participated in a high intensity exercise with the US Navy named Semper Thunder . They were able to demonstrate complete interoperability with their counterparts. Among the various interactions, we find: beach reconnaissance, amphibious actions and aerocombat. These exercises were led by a Franco-American staff at sea.

All of Thunder’s capabilities have been exploited. The detachment of the marines of the building was able to conduct several amphibious assaults alongside the means of the IInd Marine Expeditionary Force. In addition, two US V-22 helicopters flew tactical flights alongside the Gazelle helicopters of the Army Light Aviation Detachment and the 22S Squadron Alouette III.

After supporting the La Fayette frigate during her stopover, USS Stout , an American warship, also sailed for joint activities at sea. A refueling at sea was then carried out with the USNS Robert E. supply ship. Peary for the benefit of the two combat buildings.

These joint exercises with the US Navy reinforce the high level of interoperability in military cooperation between the Navy and the US Marines Corps .

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