Flottille 35F Celebrates 40 Years of Service

June 27, 2019 (Google Translation) – On June 14, 2019, the 38 sailors and two Dauphin helicopters of the 35F detachment aboard the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle celebrated the forty years of existence of the Flotilla. The opportunity to remember that since 1999, the Flottille 35F provides the necessary means for the arming of an operational detachment aboard the Charles de Gaulle .

The missions of this detachment are essential for the implementation of the carrier group. They cover the flights of servitude, maritime surveillance and especially rescue at sea. Called “mission Pedro”, these rescue missions at sea are intended to accompany the aviation maneuvers of the aircraft carrier, in order to be ready to help crews whose aircraft would be damaged at sea.

“The name of Pedro is given to this type of mission because it would be the nickname of the first American pilot to have saved, since a helicopter, a pilot ejected during the Korean war ” indicates LV Ghislain pilot of the detachment of the 35F.

Guarantor of the safety of pilots during critical phases such as catapults and landing gear, Pedro helicopters are always the first to take off and the last to land. In the event of an accident, an equipped diver and a treuillist are ready to rescue the pilots as soon as possible, day or night. While the 35F’s missions aboard the Charles de Gaulle are mainly focused on rescue at sea, the Dauphin can also conduct protection missions , thanks to the implementation of a 7.62 mm machine gun mounted in port.

With nearly 270 hours of flight accumulated since the beginning of the Clemenceau mission, the sailors from the sky of the 35F have chosen to mark the occasion by decorating the fuselage of one of the detachment’s Dauphin helicopters. A way to pay tribute to the 40 years of good and loyal service of their operational unit.