Serviola Returns to Ferrol from African Deployment

June 27, 2019 (Google Translation) – The high-altitude patrol boat “Serviola” has returned today, Thursday, June 27, to its base in Ferrol, after having completed its four-month deployment on the west coast of Africa and the Gulf of Guinea. The act of reception was chaired by the Admiral of Maritime Action, Vice Admiral Juan Luis Sobrino Pérez-Crespo.

During these four months, the vessel has cooperated with the riparian African countries in the development of their capacities, visiting 11 different countries and providing training to a total of 232 members of the local navies.

In addition to these activities, we must highlight the work carried out by the “Serviola” during their patrols in the Gulf of Guinea in the months of April and May. The interventions of the Patrolman frustrated the kidnapping of a Nigerian ship by nine pirates, and led to the release of the 20 crew members locked in the panic room of the ship “Blue Marlin”.

Similarly, the aid given to a merchant in the month of June during his stopover in Praia (Cape Verde), was definitive to prevent its collapse due to a flood of large proportions.

The “Serviola”, commanded by the captain of corvette Ramón González-Cela Echevarría, is the first of a series of four patrol boats of the same class, and has its base in the Military Arsenal of Ferrol (La Coruña). It was built by the former National Company Bazán de Ferrol (now NAVANTIA) and delivered to the Navy in March 1991. It has a length of 68.65 meters and a beam of 10.40 meters. Its main operational tasks are maritime security operations, cooperative security operations and support operations to other State authorities.