ARA Espora Returns to Puerto Belgrano

June 28, 2019 (Google Translation) – The ship’s crew was trained in techniques to deepen and expand knowledge in different areas.

Puerto Belgrano – This afternoon, the ARA corvette “Espora”, commanded by the Frigate Captain Hernán Antonio Núñez, arrived at the dock of Puerto Belgrano.

“The unit sailed with the new crew and its new Commander in order to carry out a training. This ship has been carrying out these exercises and with this one completed the initial training cycle to be able to participate in tasks of maritime space control and SAR search, “said the Commander of the Corvette Division, Captain of the Nation. Rodolfo Berazay Martínez.

During the navigation, the corvette made adjustments of roles, activities of handling of the unit and test of machines. In addition to the entire crew, they were part of the Department of Evaluation and Support of the Command of the Fleet of the Sea.

“This allows the ship to begin to conform as a team, having more time working in each of their roles. The best way to promote it and learn it is by sailing in the sea, “he concluded.