Project 22800 Sovetsk on Sea Trials

June 28, 2019 (Google Translation) – The newest small rocket ship (IRA) “Sovetsk” of the project 22800 “Karakurt”, built at the Pella shipyard for the Baltic Fleet, went to the Baltic Sea to undergo factory driving tests.

At the moment (SSC) the Sovetsk has gone to sea and the crew proceeded to undergo factory running trials in the offshore blocks of the Baltic Fleet. During the meeting, representatives of the factory commissioning commission together with the crew will conduct maneuvering and speed tests, check the operation of all units, systems and components, navigation and radio equipment, as well as perform a range of firing at sea and air targets from various systems of the ship’s weapons.

After completion of the factory and state tests, the MRC will be part of the Baltic Fleet and will begin performing tasks in accordance with the intended use as part of a compound of small rocket ships and boats of the Baltic naval base.

In the Baltic Sea offshore sites, new equipment for the Navy of Russia and foreign countries is regularly tested. Ships, support vessels, rescue forces and naval aviation of the Baltic Fleet are constantly involved in providing these activities.

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