Exercise Blue Cedar off Lebanon

June 25, 2019 (Google Translation) – From June 17 to 22, the amphibious helicopter carrier Diksmuide and the La Fayette Guépratte- type frigate will participate in the “Blue Cedar” amphibious exercise, off Lebanon.

Blue Cedar is a punctual exercise that is part of the bilateral cooperation between France and Lebanon. The complex scenario combines an amphibious deployment with air-land maneuvers. In 2019, the volume of force is unprecedented with nearly 1,000 French and Lebanese soldiers from the navies and armies of the two countries. Cedar Bleu contributes to the tactical and operational increase of the Lebanese Armed Forces and enhances interoperability particularly in the field of amphibians and air support.

Embarked since May 28 aboard the Amphibious Helicopter Helicopter (PHA) Diksmuide, the Group Tactical Embarked (GTE) Lyautey, under the command of the 1st regiment of Spahis, integrates on this occasion a Franco-Lebanese bilateral team for the planning and the command of these amphibious maneuvers.

Arrived in Beirut on June 13, the GTE Lyautey completed the preparation phase of the amphibious maneuver and the air-land exercise which was validated by the Lebanese and French military authorities on June 17 and 18 during a “rehearsal” in actual conditions for the amphibious part.

On June 19, the joint Franco-Lebanese deployment landed on a beach about thirty kilometers north of Beirut to join the Aqurah plateau to the east in the mountains. The Aaqourah ranges are perched on a Lebanese site at almost 2000 m altitude offering a geography in relief with real tactical issues. The forces of the two armies will maneuver together on the ground and in the air with helicopter gunships.

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