15 Baltic Fleet Vessels to Participate in ARMY-2019

June 23, 2019 (Google Translation) – More than 15 surface ships and boats of various classes will take part in the display of modern weapons, military and special equipment of the Navy in Kronstadt as part of the ARMY-2019 International Military-Technical Forum.

At the opening of the International Military-Technical Forum to be held on June 28, the crews of the ships of the Baltic Fleet will demonstrate a number of combat training elements – artillery fighting with a conditional enemy ship, trawling and undermining a floating mine, demonstrating the firepower of ships and boats, landing a naval landing, liberating the ship , captured by pirates, assisting conditionally warship, “waltz tugs” and other elements of combat training.

In total, the event will be attended by more than 15 warships, support vessels and high-speed boats from the Baltic and Leningrad naval bases, as well as about 1.5 thousand Baltic Fleet military personnel.

On all days of the forum, part of the ships will be open to the experts and guests of the forum.

After the forum has been completed, the command of the Baltic Fleet will plan the inter-base transition of the ships participating in the forum to the permanent bases.