President Mauricio Macri Attends Closing of Sanitary Fluvial Campaign 2019

June 18, 2019 (Google Translation) – In the Naval Apostadero Buenos Aires congratulated the endowments of the Navy units for their work and toured the patrol car ARA “King”.

Buenos Aires – Today in the morning, President Mauricio Macri went to the Naval Apostadero Buenos Aires to formally conclude the Sanitary Fluvial Campaign 2019. He was accompanied by the Minister of Defense, Oscar Aguad; the Minister of Health and Social Development, Carolina Stanley; the Chief of the General Staff of the Navy, Admiral José Luis Villán; and the Chief of the General Staff of the Army, Lieutenant General Claudio Pasqualini.

“I want to thank the Armed Forces for having worked in combination with the Ministry of Social Development, with the RENAPER, with the ANSES: all together being there where the Argentines need us to be,” the President said, addressing the ARA multipurpose endowments “City of Zárate” and the patrol car ARA “King”.

“We are very proud of the work they have done over the past 40 days. Thanks to you more than 3500 citizens could access a doctor, his document or a recognition, “he said.

Next, the commander of the patrol boat ARA “King”, Corvette Captain Gustavo Palomino, welcomed on board the President and his delegation, who toured the command bridge of the unit, as well as different decks.

To end the ceremony, Admiral Villán also addressed the audience highlighting the effort and dedication shown in the service.