ASW Training in Peter the Great Bay

June 17, 2019 (Google Translation) – Today, in the waters of the Peter the Great Bay, five anti-submarine ships of the Pacific Fleet have worked out the tasks of finding, tracking and destroying a submarine of a conditional enemy.

The large anti-submarine ship “Admiral Panteleev” and two ship search and strike groups (KPUG) as part of small anti-submarine ships (MPK) “Ust-Ilimsk”, “Sovetskaya Gavan” and MPK “221”, “Metel” worked out the tasks of searching, tracking and the destruction of the submarine (SP) conditional enemy in terms of fire resistance.

The actions of surface ships, playing on the side of the “enemy”, were provided by a large diesel submarine “Ust-Bolsheretsk” of the Primorsk flotilla of heterogeneous forces. Her tasks included covert maneuvering in the area of ​​training and evasion of tactical groups from attack.

With the support of the anti-submarine IL-38 and Tu-142 naval aviation of the fleet, the BOD and MPK conducted a search for a submarine. After exchanging data and establishing the coordinates of the submarine, four small anti-submarine ships attacked the submarine with rocket depth charges. The Sovetskaya Gavan shipyard also conducted anti-submarine firing with two practical torpedoes.