FS La Motte Picquet and Croix du Sud in Exercise Tamoure off Belle-Ile

June 14, 2019 (Google Translation) – From 4 to 7 June 2019, the Southern Cross Tripartite Mine Hunter (CMT) , escorted by the anti-submarine frigate (FASM) La Motte-Piquet participated in an advanced training “Tamouré” off Belle-Ile.

Prepared by the naval force headquarters staff, this training aims to implement weapons in operational situations in order to test the internal organizations of the buildings. The behavior of crews is evaluated in a context of uncertainty, discomfort and stress during this training and also tests their ability to respond to different threats they may face: air attacks, surface attacks, asymmetric threats, cyber attacks, etc., all in a context and a degraded environment (periods of GPS jamming, navigation in mined areas, etc.).

Tamouré means “Artillery and Missile Fire with Objective for Units Realism in Training”. This course is dedicated to the already qualified units and allows to prepare a building for an operational deployment and to implement weapons in a complex and realistic tactical context Finally, it allows to test in fine the resilience of the sailors.

During the four days of training, the various disturbances and scenarios created by the two teams of coaches left little respite to the crews of the frigate and the mine hunter. At the day and night fighting station, the 300 or so sailors conducted this training at a steady pace. Inspired by previous operational situations and by the risks inherent in building missions, the exercises required a well-honed management of men and procedures.

The Southern Cross had to carry out mine-war operations in the coastal zone and under the threat of numerous attacks. The CMT has benefited from the close protection of the frigate La Motte-Piquet , ensuring constantly and vigilantly its function as a bodyguard against multiple threats. The frigate protected it against a dozen attacks by aircraft or drones. Both units also suffered cyber attacks whose purpose was to prevent the proper operation of certain equipment on board.

Bringing real added value by its realism and intensity, advanced training “Tamouré” allows training in difficult conditions, but closer to the risks incurred by ships during their deployments, integrating several times the actual opening of the fire, and forcing each crew member to exceed his limits in the long run.

The exercise was completed for the frigate by a real evacuation post conducted after a full exercise in the Iroise Sea.