FS La Combattante Commissioned at Saint Malo

June 13, 2019 (Google Translation) – On June 12, 2019, Lieutenant-Commander Jean-Christophe Dherbécourt was recognized as the first commander of the PAG by Rear-Admiral Thierry Catard, Deputy Admiral Brest, commanding the Naval Action Force.

The launch of this patrol boat was decided by Florence Parly, Minister of the Armies following Hurricane IRMA which touched the Antilles in September 2017 in order to reinforce the means of the Armed Forces in the Antilles (FAA). Launched November 22, 2018 in Saint-Malo, the PAG is the third and last copy of his series. The patroller will have for port-base Fort-de-France. Before being admitted to active service, the vessel and its crew will be tested in real life.

The godmother of the building, Miss Marine Barnérias, wished to emphasize her admiration for the crew spirit and the resilience of sailors facing the sea, “indomitable natural element” according to her, which make them real “combatants” .

75 years earlier, almost day to day, June 14, 1944, General de Gaulle Head of the Provisional Government of the French Republic, arrived on board the torpedo boat La Combattante , commanded by Captain Corvette André Patou, on the beaches of Normandy released. Equipped with a large hunting board with no less than four German ships sunk during the war, it will be destroyed by a mine in February 1945 in the North Sea

PAGs are intended to ensure sovereignty missions: the fisheries police and the preservation of fisheries resources, the fight against illicit trafficking. The surveillance of the exclusive economic zone and the maritime approaches of the Antilles-Guyana zone are added to these, by means of public service missions, such as the safeguarding of people and goods, the rescue and the assistance to people at sea, as well as the fight against pollution.